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    King_Edward wrote:
    Mark1412 wrote:
    Heavy Rain certainly isn't nonsensical but it is riddled with plot holes and as said, if it were a film it would be shot down in seconds.

    True. But Citizen Kane is a terrible game.

    Just because it's a game doesn't mean we should excuse it being appallingly written, especially when it plays so heavily on its narrative.

    And when I say his games are badly written, I don't mean the dialogue. I mean having a narrative that is fundamentally broken. The voice acting isn't introducing completely new plot elements 95% of the way through the story, or having an antagonist who couldn't actually have possibly committed the crime. This is really, really basic stuff.

    You'd pan it in a zero budget B movie, I don't see why you shouldn't pan it in the medium's supposed standard bearer.
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