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    King_Edward wrote:
    It's not appallingly written though, it just has some plot holes. Nothing story breaking, it just cheats you on perspective a couple of times.

    Star Wars was loaded with iffy narrative devices and seem to remember it doing quite well with the critics.

    I'm not saying games should get a free ride on bad stories, I'm saying they should be judged on different criteria.

    I would say, in a whodunnit, it supposedly having been done by someone who couldn't possibly have done it is a fairly serious fault.

    I think you do have to judge these things on different criteria. If we were talking about Serious Sam, and the main point of the game was just shooting stuff, that would be one thing. In Heavy Rain, the whole point of the game was the narrative and solving that case. Why should it get away with stuff that is worse than the most brainless action movie? Or, indeed as in your example, a kids film?

    If Cage is serious about moving the medium into being 'grown up', he has to live with the expectations of something 'grown up'. If that had been the first episode of a new trashy TV detective series it would have been annihilated. If Cage wants to be taken remotely seriously in making an interactive whodunnit, at the bare minimum he needs to come up with something that isn't the worst example of a whodunnit narrative I can think of. Why should we really accept anything less? Because it's only a game, and games are stupid and shit?
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