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    Thanks Genji! That's largely what I was going to say.

    I don't mind if people like the game, but I am interested to know why people are willing to be so forgiving of it. And saying that because it's a game, it should therefore be judged by separate criteria (like a kids' film), isn't an entirely satisfying explanation. If Cage wants to develop gaming by making a grown up thriller, shouldn't he be judged alongside grown up thrillers? He's never going to get games to be taken as seriously as films while people hold the view that expectations should be lowered.

    What is it that Heavy Rain gave you more of than many other games even try to? Is it something you're willing to discuss?

    The good news is, Heavy Rain wasn't really that underappreciated. It's clocked up near 2m sales, an 87% metacritic and a raft of awards, so my love/hate affair with David Cage should get to go another round. I love what he's doing, but I've been majorly let down twice now with how badly he keeps doing it. And after Fahrenheit, he promised!

    @ SteveHolt!!!
    The goal of a narrative isn't just to get you to the end, it's to leave you satisfied as well. That's why employing a Deus Ex Machina is generally so universally frowned upon. It might bring the narrative to a close, but if you leave your audience feeling cheated, you haven't achieved your goal as a story teller.

    Another underappreciated gem: Kane & Lynch

    The opening levels were admittedly gash, and I had to rebalance the stick controls to get it half way playable, but once you got past that it got better and better. Truly, truly great characters.
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