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    That was thanks for sticking up for my right to have an opinion, and the rest was more aimed at Jolly_Armadillo, although looking back, how the reader was supposed to divulge that solely from what I've written is something of a mystery. ;)

    @ King_Edward

    Then different how? A whodunnit in a game doesn't need to have an antagonist that could actually have dunnit? Then what's the point of having a whodunnit?

    I agree with you that the interactive story elements were very well executed, and as a result Heavy Rain has a hell of a lot more merit to it than if it had been a film with a dodgy narrative. I don't mean to imply that the narrative faults detract completely from what else the game achieves, and I suppose it sounds a lot like I do.

    It just seems that the main defence is that the narrative in Heavy Rain may jump the rails, but it succeeds in its goal of moving the player from one gameplay sequence to the next, when that is precisely what Cage himself is trying to move beyond; even where the next gameplay sequence is more emotional in its content than a shooting gallery.

    In a way, to say that it ruined the game for me is a sort of compliment. It means I was sufficiently invested in the story to begin with for me to demand a satisfactory conclusion to it. That doesn't happen often in a game. But, you take that away and you lose all the context that made me care about the characters, which is what made the emotional gameplay work in the first place. When the peril my son was in became nonsensical, it stopped feeling so perilous.

    It's very frustrating. Just hire a sodding writer, Cage, you twonk. Then we wouldn't even be having this conversation and could all be universally praising your masterwork. It's the easiest, cheapest bit to do well, ffs.

    Maybe I would have been more forgiving if I hadn't already been diddled about by Fahrenheit. There may have been some residual bitterness. ;)

    The best way to play both of these games is to stop about 3/4 of the way through. Do that, and they're both absolutely amazing.
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