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    redcrayon wrote:
    R-Type for me, especially R-Type Final on the PS2. I used to play as the Radar-type (AWACS?) craft with the big disc on top, loved it. Can't believe it hasn't been updated, an XBL/PSN release of a new R-Type game with leaderboards and co-op would be grand.
    R-Type Dimensions? On XBLA, not PSN as far as I know, includes both R-Type and R-Type II remakes. Not exactly "new", I suppose. Final hasn't been updated because it was bloody awful and you're not allowed to like it. Leo was worse, mind, but that's because I irrationally refuse to acknowledge it as R-Type, not because it's a worse game.
    Retro stuff- Super SWIV, Gradius/Nemesis, St. Dragon, Agony, UN Squadron, Super Aleste and Axelay have all taken up my free time at one point or another in the late 80s/early 90s.[...]Finally, I prefer horizontal scrolling, as it removes the issue of whether something is an obstacle or not.
    Good lord, you have played Hydorah, haven't you? Only you said you sometimes manage to overlook things for a while.

    Psyvariar never gets enough credit for my liking, but I suppose I can see why. Constantly nearly killing yourself to make yourself invincible is probably a bit love/hate, and for all that I love it I consider it unplayable if you control it the way you're supposed to.

    Oh, and would more of you please get on and buy Jamestown if you haven't. Fairly sure it's the only good forced scrolling shooter on Steam, and I'm foolishly holding out hope for more of this sort of thing. It even makes some effort to stop with the ridiculous pretense that it's an arcade machine, but only some.
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