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    Dirtbox wrote:
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    Souky's got one of the best shmup soundtracks ever in my opinion - I adore the music and graphics on the third and fourth stages - so much variety in the levels. The difficulty is perfectly judged also and the shooting is very staisfying.
    I just remembered the games that Souk wishes it could be, and copied heavily from.

    The Ray series - Ray Force, Ray Storm and Ray Crysis. The last one in particular blows Souk clean out of the water in every way but the first is also brilliant. The second one hasn't aged so well because of the early 3D, but the core game is pretty much on the same par as Souk, graphically it's at the same level as well. As I say, the third just blows it away completely, and while it's also early 3D, it still looks great.

    Just found out the second one has an HD remake on PSN and XBLA and looks alright if a little sparse.

    I haven't played Ray Crisis myself but look forward to some day - if its as good sd you say then I'm sure to enjoy it. I didn't really enjoy its two predecessors though half as much as Souky though but - just not as well designed in my opinion in terms of the level layouts.

    Everyone likes Layer Section, and I do too to a degree - it is fun and looks great, but I just found it a little bit samey after a while. An above average shooter, no doubt, but it just doesn't play as well as some of the other greats in the genre I feel.
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