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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Oof, tough room. Calling a classic of the era above average is a little strong. But I think you're massively overrating Souk, which is only good in my book and just as repetitive, so I suppose it's gravy.

    I'd take what I have to say regarding the genre with a pinch of salt! I'm a reletive newbie to shmups as I only starting buying them in earnest as year ago when I finally got my hands on an import Saturn. I still have a lot more to play, and a lot to learn about the genre.

    I suppose after I play more examples, I'll be able to critically appraise these games with a little more technical knowledge, and be able to articulate that a little better. All I can say is that I enjoy the "fun" and presentation of my favourites shooters.

    This is what I have, shmup-wise on the Saturn:

    Radiant Silvergun
    Battle Garegga
    Layer Section

    I'm hoping to add Batsugun to the collection later in the summer (after I get Mushihemisama Futari 1.5 and Espgaluda II on the 360). Anyone want to recommend me some other Saturn shooters? I'm going to get the Thunder Force series on the Mega Drive, but am interested in V - any thoughts?
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