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    Obiwanshinobi wrote:
    MrVengeance wrote:
    Anyone want to recommend me some other Saturn shooters?
    Sonic Wings Special, easily. Best value for your money on Saturn (it's very cheap for an import Saturn shmup and comes with up to 26 fighters, some of them unlockable and very, VERY varied in a good way at that). Just two conditions:
    - play it on a CRT put on its side in the Arcade screen mode (tate)
    - play it on Hard (the first stage boss makes a MASSIVE difference on Hard and then it only keeps getting better and better).
    It's just about as good on the PSX (up on the US PlayStation Store), but steer away from the retail PAL release (usual PAL convertion issues aside, you can't save in the PAL version, which means you can't keep your unlocked fighters, which basically strips the game of like a half of its content).

    Sounds great. I'm going to look it up. 2 and 3 on the AES have always interested me, but both are very expensive these days. All AES carts have gone up in value over the last year or so for whatever reason.
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