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  • MrVengeance 9 Aug 2011 12:53:11 135 posts
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    I'm going to be picking up as much shmup goodness a I possibly can over the next few months, before Christmas. As I was saying in my dc-x topic I'm looking towards the Dreamcast now as some of its shooters look astounding - Zero Gunner 2 in particular is magnificent. Keep us up to date on your pusuit of Much and Bullet Soul! I'm interested to hear if they are worth buying. The former in particular is very pricey alright, though it does have two games on there so its probably reasonable value when you think about it.

    Shmups in general really take the piss out of your wallet it has to be said, they are the most expensive types of games surely? Even more expensive than RPGs I reckon....
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