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    meme wrote:
    BioShock was immersive in the sense that sometimes you went underwater.

    In truth it was a very pretty but ultimately very linear corridor shooter that ironically (doubly so if the "good by games standards" twist is such a 'commentary on gaming') gave you the illusion of choice but not the choice itself.

    The vita chambers and the whole setup around it made me feel quite detached from the gameworld itself. They just seemed to be an awkward attempt to justify respawning, even though it really didn't need to.

    The way the story of Rapture is told through your exploration of the world is very nice indeed. It does more to show how to do story telling in videogames than 10 Heavy Rains.

    sid92 wrote:
    Yes mass effect 2 was very average what RPG has next to no loot its just wrong. the combat and gameplay was very linear get in cover use a stun ability to take shield pop out shoot a clip rinse and repeat.

    Would it be useful if you stopped calling it an RPG? Sounds like that might make it a better game.
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