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    sid92 wrote:
    GrandpaUlrira wrote:
    Good thread, this. I'll also throw in Portal, mainly because it was so bloody boring at the start so therefore I didn't finish it, and I'm no longer interested in investing hours for the good bits towards the end. Halo 3, which has corrupted so many save files that I really can't be bothered trudging back through the level ever so slowly yet again. Mario Galaxy 2, which was more of the same, let's be honest. Left 4 Dead 2: awful unless you have friends ;_;

    I will have to respectfully disagree with you there left 4 dead 2 is an awesome game even just playing online with random people or playing on your own maybe abit outdated now but still class.

    Same here. Most of my L4D2 play has been with randoms.

    That was on PC, mind you. It's a completely different (and massively inferior) game on Xbox. That's not a fanboy rant, it's just completely optimised for PC.

    If I'm playing on Expert and I need someone to shoot an enemy in the head, while it is chewing on my head, without shooting me in the head I either:

    a) want them to be aiming with a mouse.
    b) want them to at least be one of my friends.

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