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    Does anyone, ever, play at a lower res than native?

    I have a 1080p monitor, 24".
    Its not a monster of a computer, but can run most things nice at 1080.

    I just find that some games look 'better' when dropped down a notch - 1600x900 is the one i sometimes go for.

    Image is not too blurry at all, my monitor must scale well.
    But certain games, for example when playing Op Flash:Red River, the enemy soldiers just look too small on my 24" monitor when played at 1080p.
    So much so that you cannot even make out the superb animation of bullet damage and wounding to the enemy.

    Does anyone else ever lower the res for some games?

    I sometimes wonder if a lot of these console-to-pc games don't always transfer over well to a higher resolution?
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