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    BillCityfingers wrote:
    Were you, and I'm not being deliberately antagonistic here, expecting anything other than dodgy acting, Gore and jump scares from an evil dead film? I'm glad the humour was lacking, although I thought the long haired guy added a good amount of humour.

    There were faults though, but could you be being a bit harsh?
    Well, don't want to post too much, as I know a lot of people enjoyed it, and I'm not one of those cunts who insists upon posting repeatedly in a thread for something they didn't enjoy, but as you asked.

    The dodgy acting in particular, when combined with a weak/lazy script and/or writing, is a bit of a killer. It's been a while since I've seen such an obvious 'cast' on screen. It's always been a bit of a puzzler for me why shit actors get hired. I never believed in any of the relationships, David (I think it was David, Mia's brother?) in particular was a void, all the charisma of a biscuit with two shits inside. The writing was barely even mediocre, the possessed Mia's lines could have been straight out of The Exorcist, and if you don't care about any of the characters, how can you care about what they do and what happens to them? By the time I got home from the cinema, I could remember and name for certain one character, Mia. That's not good.

    I'm firmly of the belief that gore detracts from horror, not the genre, but the feeling. Whatever you show cannot possibly be as bad as what someone will think of if you hint at it and let their imaginations do the rest. The massive gushes of blood almost felt out of place because very little otherwise seemed to hearken back to the originals (in terms of individual elements).

    Likewise with jump scares, they're the 'easy money' of horror, and badly overused, especially by inept or inexperienced directors. Quick movement or a jump cut, audio stinger and jump in volume, job done. You've also fucked any build up of tension or creepiness for an insignificant payoff.

    I really liked the possessions, I thought they were great. The return to almost-all practical effects was very welcome.
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