#7670913, By Rev.StuartCampbell Apple hike App Store prices by up to 25% in UK

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 14 Jul 2011 10:58:13 367 posts
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    cowell wrote:
    Big deal, its still cheap

    craigy wrote:I feel utterly ripped off by a 10p price increase. Utterly ripped off, I tell you!

    Of course, all the usual Pollyannas will now be lining up to honk a lot of idiotic missing-the-point sneers about "OH NOES ANOTHER 10p WE'RE ALL DOOMED", but the issue here isn't that a game at 69p has suddenly become unaffordable or bad value for money. The point is that consumers have a fixed amount of disposable income, and the new prices just mean that they'll buy four games with it where they'd previously have bought five, which in turn means developers have just seen their chances of getting themselves a slice of what was already an insanely competitive market cut by 20%.
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