#8312648, By Rigu7 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (TiTs)

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    Flying_Pig wrote:
    Unoriginal?! OK, so it's a fairly traditional JRPG but it's actually a pretty interesting story and has some great characters.
    Agreed, "unoriginal" is such a cheap point to make about the JRPG. The conventions worth keeping being duly present are part of the selling point for me.

    20 hours in, and although it's not necessary at all, I find myself grinding just to satisfy the OCD of getting the best stuff. Except it's not really a grind, the whole orbment permutation thing and the battles themselves are satisfying.

    It's a game I don't want to finish. As everything is so well crafted, I'd be happy for the story to toddle along ad infinitum.

    Fair play to XSeed as said. Thanks to their efforts in making games like Ys Seven, an updated Lunar and this available coupled with the missus limiting "big telly" console time, the PSP has been my most used platform by many, many hours.
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