#9105677, By uiruki Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (TiTs)

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    Release date for SC on Japanese PSN announced - 8 November. Too late for me as I already finished it, but a good sign for the west, perhaps.

    I started The 3rd and the area reuse is really starting to take the piss. I don't like any of the new characters they've introduced, the writing quality seems to have gone off a cliff, and Kevin from SC with his ridiculous fake Osaka accent is the main character - no sign of Estelle at all and I'm afraid she's going to be turned into some one dimensional trainer maniac like Kevin's partner Riess. Still, I'll give it until 10 hours or so, as I like the upgrades to the battle system and they've made travel a lot easier on the player (there's a part in SC towards the end which is just infuriatingly, transparently there to extend the game).
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