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    Hello. I have some technical deficiencies and I thought the best place to share them in the hope of some enlightenment was here, because I love you all so.

    I recently bought a Buffalo Nfiniti wireless router as my current setup (Orange provided wireless modem and some homeplugs) meant I couldn't stream the Playstation media server from my PC (modem has no LAN connections and the wireless is shite). So, I bought the above router.

    Except, it was only a router, and not a modem... :/

    So, now I have two boxes by the TV instead of one, which is my own stupid fault. I started thinking however that the Orange freebie is probably a bit guff anyway, so I looked into getting a new modem. I've seen one for 18 quid on ebuyer (A zoom ADSL Bridge Modem 2/2+) as a replacement for the Orange thing but then I started wondering what ADSL2+ was!

    This probably seems like much of a ballache but in reality, all I want is the best 'pure' connection to the internet I can get, with a good wireless router (the latter I think I now have).

    Grateful if someone could explain what ADSL2+ is and whether I am doing things the wrong way round?!

    I thank ye.
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