#7688168, By chudders Modem and router question

  • chudders 19 Jul 2011 22:29:17 755 posts
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    Thanks all for replies so far, appreciate you taking the time and effort.

    Yes, should have linked. It's thus:

    Router is this one.

    and modem I'm looking at is this one.

    I think part of the streaming performance is my homeplugs, they were fairly cheap and don't think they have a great throughput (think they're 85Mbps). They are my next upgrade!

    Having said that, reason I bought the router (thinking it was also a modem) is that it has 4 lan connections. My PS3 is currently connected wirelessly so at the very least connecting it to the router via cable, which in turn is connected to my PC via homeplugs should get me some increase in performance (i.e. being able to stream music without pauses every 45 seconds). No?
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