#7694052, By InvisibleCrane Angry Joe...seriously who likes this guy?

  • InvisibleCrane 21 Jul 2011 16:15:10 87 posts
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    bad09 wrote:
    InvisibleCrane wrote:
    Oh I see it's just someone mentioned him in the comments section of the review of the new Harry Potter game and I figured some people around here are net savvy enough to know who people like him, Spoony One, Irate Gamer, Game Overthinker, etc are

    Wait. So if we don't know these ubergeek "reviewers" we are not net savvy? Will you teach us the savvy ways of the net so we can better ourselves? I thought I knew how to use the internet but clearly I'm not savvy enough :(

    Okay I'm sorry for saying that, it's just I'm often the only person I know who knows of these sort of things
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