#7697533, By presh Do you own any rare games?

  • presh 22 Jul 2011 14:45:44 1,221 posts
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    If you are still after a PS2 copy of Rez I have a spare... I'm not a collector, just saw it a couple of years ago for cheap and thought that it was too good a game to sit in the shop looking unloved ;-)

    Same as many people here, I buy games to play and not especially to collect, but over the years I've found it very hard to get rid of all my faves, which means I still have quite a few PS1, PS2 and GameCube games including many mentioned already - original ICO with art cards, Ikaruga for Wii, Wind Waker with Ocarina and Majora's mask, things like that.

    Also have Kureshi Final and Vib Ribbon on PS1! I've got the Directors Cut of Resi 1, but the graphics are so blocky I'm embarrassed by the memory of how awesome I thought it was at the time ;-)
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