#7698838, By MrVengeance Do you own any rare games?

  • MrVengeance 22 Jul 2011 20:38:14 135 posts
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    Billy_sastard wrote:
    Why do people buy things and never open them such as games, I don't get it.


    I have a few factory sealed games - only reason is however I haven't had the time to play them yet.

    There's nothing wrong with buying games that you want to play at some point in the future, but I agree with you that people who buy gmes to keep factory sealed forever on their shelves are at best missing the point of video gaming - the playing, and at worst they are taking the past time far too seriously... some of those YouTube videos of guys who have tonnes of factory sealed games are quite frankly sad in my opinon.

    Regarding the overall subject of "rare" video games - it could be argued that there aren't that many rare games these days, what with just about every one available on eBay - its just that many games are more "desirable", which attracts a high price point.

    There are rare games out there that don't go for crazy money however. I wonder how many copies of DS game "Maestro: Jump in Music" were ever released in Europe? Its never up on eBay. Doesn't go for as much as the likes of the more common Radiant Silvergun though....
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