#7706506, By MrVengeance Do you own any rare games?

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    Ryze wrote:
    I've a fully working, boxed UK Sega Multimega, which is a rare thing nowadays, I think.

    ... 140-170 on eBay. I'm keeping mine!

    It sure is a rarity these days, especially a UK one.

    A lot of people seem to be confused as to what is "rare" and what is merely in demand. If a game is both rare and in demand then it will become properly valuable. For example, Santcher on the Mega CD, PAL edition - rare and desirable. Same as Panzer Dragoon Saga on PAL and PC Engine Super-CD Arcade card shmup Sapphire. All are very pricey.

    Games like Ico, Tales of Vesperia, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes and Final Fantasy VII aren't rare, but have a good resale value owing to their reputation as quality video games. Sure, they aren't ten a penny down in your local GAME, but a quick look on eBay and it shouldn't be hard to find them. People want to play them though, so they go for a decent price. I call these games "uncommon" personally.

    Compared to other collecting past times, video games aren't all that expensive in comparrison. Collecting "rare" games can be quite easy, and cheap, as noted rare games aren't always in demand, and if you are in the know you can source some great games that have had low print runs at a low price if you are patient enough.

    If word gets out of a rare game having higher than average quality then you could be on to a valuable little winner.
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