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    Oh, this thread bump reminds me...

    Sunday I popped in to Novatech, Reading and bought a new kit to build.


    i7 2600k
    MSI GTX 580 Lightning
    4gb Corsai 13** ram (plan to get another 4gb when paid)
    1tb seagate drive (SSD in the new year)
    Corsair 850w PSU
    Coolermaster Enforcer case (love it)

    All for just over 1k

    This is purely a gaming PC which I run through a 24" Dell and 27" iMac screen for 2560x1440 play. My iMac 2010 is for everything else.

    Everything, and I mean everything, runs incredible. The ONLY game which I have to turn any setting down is Witcher 2, the Ubersampling bit, it's about 10fps to low at 25fps with that on.

    Games I have tried so far. Battlefield 3,Crysis, Deus Ex HR, Witcher 2, Crysis 2 (with hi-res pack), AvP, C&C4, SCII, GTA IV, ACII, Fallout: NV, Bioshock 2, Amnesia, Dead Space 2, Homefront, Portal 2, Bad Company 2, AvP, Brink, MW2, Borderlands & Mass Effect 2.

    It's great to have a proper PC for gaming again. I gave it up about 3-4 years back being fed up of issues but I just miss it to much. Well chuffed I am.
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