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    A lot of major players gone. I was pissed when Carley got shot. Damn Lilly should have shot Kenny instead. I'm sure that if Ben had been killed, Lee could have Lilly's shoulder to lean on. There was definitely a spark between them the way I was playing.
    I liked how Duck was Robin for the motel Detective section, made him a slightly less annoying character. Ben seems to be treated like shit though, almost everything said to him is a put down. Give him some compassion, he's a teen being faced with relentless zombies. I don't trust Chuck at all, seems to be too creepy.

    The new couple could be interesting. hopefully Christa won't be as bad as the fist impression.

    I would say its not quite as good as ep 2, most stuff on the train was go to point A, talk, to go point B, get something, back to point A, etc.

    Also, my choices seemed to be in the minority. In the other 2 eps I played as most did. I wonder if subconsciously I was trying to be different.
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