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    I've not read the comics, but I'm assuming that there really is nothing that can be done for Lee now?
    Well in the comics a character called Dale gets bitten on the leg - they cut his leg off and he survives. Getting bitten doesn't turn you into a zombie - everybody already turns when they die - infection and/or blood loss from the bite kills you.

    So in conclusion, where was my fucking option to chop my hand off!
    Thanks! So I guess there might be some hope if they can treat the infection/have some Survivors-style immunity to it. It's probably too late to chop things off, but that sounds like it would have been a sensible option. :p

    Maybe there's something in the bag. ;)
    Dale is the only character in the comics to have survived a zombie bite IIRC - so I don't fancy Lee's chances unfortunately! :)
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