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    just finished playing through Eps 4 & 5 over the course of the last week, following save game problems after Ep3.

    It's incredibly erratic about loading a new game, and I've had multiple problems with it, but despite this, it's still one of the best games I've ever played.

    I actually found the moment with the starving boy zombie in Ep4
    sadder than the final ending, which I'd kind of expected had been coming for a while. For some reason, it really got me.

    Regarding the big decisions, I chose to let Ben fall, he seemed rather unstable by that point, and was begging for me to drop him, so I let him go.

    All three remaining people agreed to come with me and half my remaining arm to find Clem.

    I also found the stranger a slightly weak 'reveal', as 'he's crazy' didn't really do it for me as a motivation. I couldn't quite buy that he was crazy enough to kidnap Clem, but still had enough sense to avoid the zombies / manage the extreme level of planning etc.

    I told Clem just to leave me there at the end, I just didn't want her to have to shoot me. In my mind, those two figures at the end were moving too quickly and purposefully to be zombies.

    As others have said, the way the game makes you feel protective of her is some achievement, and perhaps only Nier has come close to that - another game that has a 'daughter' character, so maybe that's the way to go for emotional engagement.

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