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    Shit! Finally had some time to play some games today and decided to try the free Episode 1 of this that was given out earlier in the week on 360. I have to say I was really enjoying it so decided to check out how much the other episodes were, and to my surprise only 200MSP each!!

    Grabbed 400 points off GAME via digital download to top up my points and went to buy them all. Clicked on 'buy' for Episode 2 and.... 'There is a problem with Xbox Live'!! Tried to buy the other episodes, same thing... Tried multiple bloody times, still no luck. Go off and have some food for 40mins, come back - still showing 200MSP on display pages. Click into the 'checkout' window and they're now showing as 400MSP each, fucking Microsoft!

    Ah well, will just have to wait to see if they're dropped in price again sometime in the distant future :(.

    /whine over.
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