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    I just finished this last night. What an amazing game!
    I was gutted by the ending, I actually shed a few tears after that :(

    I didn't know the ending was unavoidable, and I thought I'd done something wrong earlier that ended up with Lee going out to pick up the walkie talkie and getting bitten. I also thought I could have ended up escaping on the boat if I'd done something differently.

    I was a bit disappointed at how Ben ended up. I kept speaking up for him and including him in my group since I thought he was going to redeem himself. Kenny was a dick at the end even though I had helped him the whole game and he left Lee to die about twice I think. He was quite a bi-polar character.

    The voice acting in this game was superb. The only bad thing for me was that Clementine was clearly a woman doing the voice and pretending to be a little girl. For Duck they had an actual kid doing the voice, so that was better.

    The story was so well written. I really had to think about some of my decisions and it made me reflect on the morality of my actions. I felt bad later about killing that psycho in front of Clementine. Katja killing herself and the little boy in the attic were very emotional scenes.

    The ending was really sad. It was kind of an analogy for parenting in a way - one day your kids will be on their own, and all you can do is try and teach them to be the best that they can be in the time that you have together. I was really thinking through the whole game about what I should say to Clementine in the conversations so that she would have the best chance at survival.

    11/10 from me.

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