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  • Pandora-Panorama 17 Nov 2004 14:45:46 55 posts
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    jrolla wrote:
    best sci-fi writer for me is iain banks (who you dont like), so well worth trying William Gibson - neuromancer and the like are some superb works

    i totally second that (iain banks, i mean). To convince you ... what can I say? Banks is funny, cruel, violent, very engaging, and also insightful. Even his lesser books were quite enjoyable.
    I would start with 'The Player of Games' because it's one of the best but also does not require too much knowledge of the Universe. I would avoid 'Expression' for the reverse reasons.

    Other than that, I just started the 'His Dark Materials" Trilogy by Philipp Pullman. It's pretty fantastic (in both readings of the word), but easily the most engaging book I read this year.
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