#7705767, By PlugMonkey Am I the only one who doesn't want computer games to change?

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    bad09 wrote:
    Yeah I'm longing for "the old days to".

    Unlocking goodies instead of them being ripped out and sold, none of this "we have to make our game boringly autopilot so stupid people who don't game will buy our game", no fucking internet tied PC gaming ARGH!!!!!!!! No waggle/human waggle shite, consoles that were just consoles not cheap arse PCs trying to sell me everything whenever it's turned on.


    / turns on Dreamcast, buys a game from GOG. Feels better

    Is this the sort of thing you mean?

    I get confused when people tell me that simple, accessible video games will be the death of the medium. They weren't the first time.

    Some people want to play deep, immersive 'core' games. Some people just want to play Pacman and International Track and Field. For a while, the games industry completely forgot about the Pacman crowd, until the Wii came along. Let them waggle.

    @ the OP
    For various reasons, the really big suits are only really interested in expanding markets. That was Wii games 5 years ago. It's iPhone and Facebook games now. There is this weird logic that if a new market emerges, the old market must surely disappear. If this were true, Game Workshop would have packed up as soon as home computers came along.

    The truth is that the market determines what is successful, not the big men in suits. If you prefer a paid-up-front deep, immersive game experience, just keep buying them. If you keep buying them, someone will keep making them.
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