#7706019, By PlugMonkey Am I the only one who doesn't want computer games to change?

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    bad09 wrote:
    Yep like that. Something that is fun for 5 minutes only now the bloody console is built round it with Wii and the other two are chasing it fast.

    Like the Atari VCS?

    mal wrote:
    I don't believe waggle is the end. The beginning of the end was...save games. Save games made it possible to pick up where you left off. From that, people started adding stories to games. Stories in games mean you have have a game that isn't challenging, yet it's still worth playing. That is why these accessible games aren't like the simple accessible games that kicked off the industry.

    So the beginning of the end was Elite on the BBC, because that lead the way toward stuff like Ultima and Wizardry? Well, it's a theory.

    The point is that, in reality, the medium is just broadening. As long as there is still a paying market for a Demons Souls, or a Super Meat Boy, or a Radiant Silvergun, or whatever your own particular poison is, someone will keep making it.

    When a suit says that freemium pay-as-you-go browser based MMOs are "the future", they mean "that's where we think we can make the most money". Not that it's actually The Future.
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