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    The Turbo Grafx 16 was sold in the UK as the "Turbo Grafx". eBay shop "The Ninja's Castle" has got about a billion of them. I presume thats where the OP bought his from??

    Its should come with the excellent Blazing Lazers (A.K.A Gunhed). Raiden, Super Star Soldier and R-Type are the best shooters to pick up for the "PAL" machine after playing that. There are a few decent platformers too, and a lot of sealed games still floating around. I'd view it as an entry machine however for getting the real deal - a Jap PC Engine Duo / Duo R / Duo RX (all the same pretty much).

    The PC Engine is a challenging and very rewarding machine to buy for. Its got a rich history and has some outstanding games for it. Once you get a CD drive for any of the models (its region free) you can begin to dabble in the hyper-expensive US Turbo-Grafx 16 Super CD RPG library, as well as the Jap latter-day shmups line-up. Good luck with that, and trying to get a legit copy of Sapphire for less than the price of a small car! ;)
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