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    speedofthepuma wrote:
    @Alipan: You're not alone, clearly Stuart is by no means faultless, but he often writes about something I find interesting, and I wouldn't know about it if he didn't "spam" this forum.

    See, that's what all the tiresome flamers can't quite get their tiny brains around. If I post a link here, half-a-dozen of the same bitter, shrieking tosspots will post abuse in an attempt to derail the discussion. Thing is, at the very same time, 450 people will quietly just click the link and read it. I post the links for them.

    If I can spare 5 minutes to tell all the whiners to go fuck their mothers some more, bonus. But I post the links for the silent majority who evidently do want to read the articles. I have no more wish to "integrate" with any "community" that welcomes graysonavich into its ranks than I do to saw my own face off with a rusty razor blade.
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