#7754466, By shisutemu Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

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    I've posted this in another forum, but I'm really running out of options and I really need some help..

    I've got a really bizarre problem with my HDMI and LCD TV, and Its really driving me really mad trying to figure out what's wrong. I've exhausted so many options, this is my last try at trying to figure this problem out.

    Okay, so recently I had a new LG HDTV outside at the living room, so I figured I wanna test out my Xbox 360 on it with my usual set of HDMI cable. So I pulled out the HDMI cable and xbox from the TV in my own room and bought it out in the living room to test out the new TV.

    Now here's the weird part. The xbox and the HDMI worked perfect in the new TV, but when I went back to my old TV plugging in the HDMI cable like usual, the xbox screen DOES NOT appear. It was strange as this has not happened before. I've tried resetting my display settings with the (Y + RT) and even blindly navigating to the display setting, nothing works, the screen remained blue and does not boot up the xbox.

    Now, now before anyone says that MY HDMI cable is faulty, I prove you that it is not, I've tested it using my PS3 and it works perfectly, I even used the same HDMI port that was previously used by the xbox to test out whether it was the port causing the problem, but apparently all the HDMI ports/cable work fine with the PS3.

    To test it even further I even used spare HDMI cables (I had 2) and it works on my PS3 but not on my xbox. This is really strange because the HDMI cable for my xbox WORKS ON THE NEW TV in my living room but it DOES NOT WORK when I plug in my old tv.

    I tried using the standard AV cable for the xbox in my room, and guess what? It works. Concluding that the xbox is not faulty, but for some odd reason the tv does not detect the hdmi for my xbox.

    And before anyone suggest component cables, I wouldn't mind but my TV does not have component support, and I rather not go back to playing at AV cable settings when I have a perfectly working HDMI cable.

    so if tldr;

    -HDMI cable for xbox360 suddenly stopped working in old TV after using it in the new tv
    - My room TV model is Panasonic Viera 32LE8M, and the living room tv is LG 42LK45, if it matters.
    -HDMI cables are not faulty, all works and the HDMI ports TV in my room are also working fine (tested all with my PS3)
    -tried blindly navigating dashboard to adjust display settings, nothing works. Resetted my console settings so many times til I felt like strangling someone, just so you know.

    anymore suggestions would be a tremendous help, i'm running out of options.

    I still can't believe just bringing my xbox outside to test out the new TV caused such a major issue here. Please help anyone, thanks so much.
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