#7754501, By shisutemu Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

  • shisutemu 7 Aug 2011 06:36:01 4 posts
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    I dont think so, the thing is my xbox+hdmi works perfectly when I played it on the new tv, but it doesnt work when I tried to play it on my old tv (which is in my room) it just shows a static blue screen (though im still able to open my tray). This is weird cause I just went out for half and hour to play on the new TV and when I come back to my room to put it back the xbox doesnt boot up the dashboard screen.

    But I KNOW the xbox is still working, it works perfectly fine when its outside, but it doesnt work when its inside my room.

    Im just trying to figure out what the cause of this is.

    (and yes alot of people have told me to check the HDMI and HDMI ports, it is working fine, I tested it all with my PS3 and my hdmi cables are not faulty (i had 3 to test with) my ports are working when I tested out my ps3 too.)
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