#7754912, By shisutemu Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

  • shisutemu 7 Aug 2011 13:21:47 4 posts
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, some of these are really things to keep note of.

    As for Beetroot_Bertie, its okay :) It's set to the HDMI input, all the settings for the TV in my room are also unaltered when I tested it. It should work normally, but for some reason it does not read my xbox..some people are saying its a handshake issue. And yes I did went back to my New LG and adjusted it to lower resolution (tested with every single option bringing it back and forth my room and living room, still no dice)

    Yeah a VGA might be a good idea. I might get it if nothing else helps :(

    I even tried enabling/disabling the display discovery and navigating invisibly through the dashboard. Tough and still doesn't work...

    Its still weird though, cause i used the exact same HDMI on my PS3 and plug it in the old tv port i previously used for my XBOX and it works, however my xbox does not respond the same way as my PS3 :( (confusingly, the xbox responds for the new TV but not the old one)

    Thank you so much for the help guys, you have been very kind and helpful. :) I'm gonna try a few more tests before i completely give up on my HDMI...
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