#8236194, By lenny6582 Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

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    Well I have the same problem with BOTH my LG TV's. Everything was working fine on my LG 50PK350 in the lounge with HDMI. I then bought an LG 32LE4900 tv in March for my bedroom, the 360 has never worked on this TV via HDMI but through component it does. The TV detects the HDMI connection but never shows anything; the same with my PS3. I dropped the PS3 to 720p and it started working but the same didn't work with my 360. I messaged LG to see if there was an update for the PC as its all net enabled etc and their reply was "sorry we don't know!!!!"

    Then last night when I had the 360 hooked to my PK350 I thought I would change the predefined "settings" option from Expert1 to Gaming mode and pop! Tv kept saying no signal and even setting it back the TV won't show a thing. Have now had to switch that one back to component which is a pain.

    I have tried numerous HDMI cables on the 32" that worked when the 360 was hooked to the 50PK350 so I know its not the cable. The 360 still works in my monitor with HDMI and my 24" Technika TV from Tesco. It did stop working when I changed the picture settings on the PK350 so it points to an LG issue!!

    Doesn't help anyone but confirms the issue is with the LG tv's
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