#8937373, By zoglet Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

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    Hey Shisutemu. Saw your post, probably a bit late but felt I should offer my condolences as I feel your pain. For what it's worth I've experienced similar wierdnesses myself. I can't offer any solid advice but I can describe my experience which may add some useful pointers and save you wasting time and money on goose chases. I don't think it's a TV 'copy protection' (which may exist), I think it is cable or handshake/config related. And as a consequence I would tend to agree with the guys suggesting to try and reset the box or connect using different lowest common denominator modes on a functional TV and switching to the troublesome one.

    I have two Samsung LCD TVs, a 42 and a 28 and seen similar oddness before with my older xbox. I just recently bought a slim xbox in the UK and used in UK and Germany fine on a knackered old CRT and a small sony LCD but on my way back home to New Zealand (long story) I stayed with a mate in London UK and it wouldn't work on his brand new fancy Panasonic. I've previously found problems with some hdmi cables not working with some kit but not others but as the signal is digital I still can't see a good reason why.

    Here's the latest big weirdness:

    When I came to NZ I stayed with a mate down the road and we had my xbox connected to his 40 inch Samsung Plasma TV for around a month with no issues, although again, it didn't seem to like one of his hdmi cables. I moved out about a month ago and have since been using it on my own 3 year old UK 28 Samsung LCD TV with no issues or reconfiguration, although it's probably a slightly newer TV. I went over to his place today for a gaming session and we couldn't get it working with any of his four hdmi cables but when I came home it worked straight off connected back to mine. Both TVs are HD compatible, and I think max on 720p.

    In the next few days I will pop over with my TV and MY hdmi cable and see if we can figure out why it's not working on his TV now, when it was before. I changed nothing in the settings when I moved from using his TV to using mine. I'm also pretty sure I was using his HDMI cable before that is now not working.

    That's why I can only assume that in connecting the box to mine, the display output hardware of the xbox has somehow clicked over to a different mode and perhaps the older TV does not recognise this display mode and can't send a signal saying 'switch over/down'.

    The other thing that's odd is that the xbox seems to know when it's connected to a valid source and when it's not. My little TV has only one HDMI port and I share it between the xbox and a media player. If I forget to connect the hdmi port over to the xbox it doesn't actually fully boot up to the main menu until it is connected.

    Today, even though I couldn't see a picture on the 'old' plasma TV (it worked before, remember?) you can see it start up and assign the controller to quadrant one etc. You can even switch it off by holding the centre button down for 5 seconds and pushing the crosshair up twice and selecting 'A', so clearly the xbox thinks everything's ok and is functioning, which if it thought it wasn't connected, I don't think it would be doing.

    Anyway, I'll repost my findings as and when I go back to my mates and see what we figure out.

    In the meantime save your money as even though it could be a cable thing, it definitely doesn't need to be a fancy one. The ones that never fail for me are always the cheapest.
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