#9031906, By GamesConnoisseur Bizarre 360 HDMI and TV problem.

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    Just put my son's X360 in place of my black elite 250 gb HDD

    Sony TV put on standby, off etc DOESN'T affect my son's X360 even when also via HDMI

    So proven that it was my X360 that causing it all along.

    Anyway discovered a simple work around, using options, power saving, picture off does the trick when I want to leave X360 on for downloads or lengthy pause while I can attend other matters.

    Switching HDMI to PS3 or TV strangely doesn't cause my X360 to shut down, just the standby or off that still does.

    It seemed very likely that its to do with my Elite's HDMI specs that got affected by recent Xbox update in the summer.

    As each Xbox iterations got their own hardware specs, HDMI less, earlier HDMI version right up to the more current. I believe that it was the requirement of meeting certain standard for say HDMI 1.2b or such that now cause my particular model to shuts down when not my son's. Even when my Sony's HDMI control is off and thus no link.

    I ain't gonna waste my time faffing about and happy now with the power save picture off solution.

    Won't be surprised if some X360 out there are likewise affected.

    Is it cos I m using Sony TV with X360?!?!
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