#7769494, By andyk New iPlayer App incoming

  • andyk 11 Aug 2011 10:38:19 170 posts
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    Billy_Sastard wrote:
    For anyone who's lost the ITV icons etc. If you have the what's new disabled in system settings reactivate it and a new icon should appear, once you've got sorted you can deactivate the what's new app.

    Did this work for others, as after installing fw 3.70, I don't have 'my channels' and iplayer still didn't work. Deleted the iplayer app thinking I would reinstall and all would be rosy, but iplayer now dissappeared as it should be part of 'my channels'. Loads of different suggestions to get 'my channels' back - go into Home, download from the Store, restart the system, etc. Nothing worked for me.
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