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    Dirtbox wrote:
    @MrVengeance: Ik, Under Defeat, Borderdown, Bangai-O and Zero Gunner 2 are the only shmups really worth bothering with for the DC.

    Trizeal, Triggerheart Exelica, Radirgy, Chaos Field, Karous, Last Hope and Psyvariar 2 are pretty deeply average.

    What do you think of Gunbird 2? (Unlike pretty much everything you've mentioned) It can be bought fairly cheaply, so I'm wondering if there's a reason for its relative cheapness?

    Basically, I'm looking to expand my DC shmup collection and need some help choosing which games to go for. Right now the only shmup I own is Bangai-O.

    I wouldn't call Bangai-O a shmup personally. Its more an action puzzler in my opinion. Then again, some people think Rez is a shmup and I don't. I guess my definition would be quite "traditional". Some people however believe that Ikaruga is not a shmup, more a puzzler - this I cannot understand at all. Yes you have to change you colour (polarity) when there are lots of bullets about, but in every other sense it is a shmup in my view.

    Anyway, to answer your question (even though it was directed elsewhere) Gunbird 1 is a little bit better than its follow up in my view. Gunbird 1 can be found on the PS2 and the Saturn. Its great fun. I quite like the sequel but not as much as the first. Why? Well I'd like to elaborate but in all honesty, its hard to put my finger on it - its just a more satisfying shmup in my opinion, though I'm not shooter expert it has to be said - more an intermediate player of the genre at this moment in time.

    Giga Wing is the only other PAL DC shooter I'm aware of. I have played it with a friend back in the day, but in all honesty I wasn't really into the genre back then, so I can't recall much of an opinion on it. Its on my shopping list though right now....

    rickalish wrote:
    MrVengeance wrote:
    Yeah, I heard somewhere back in the day it could fit in an email. Perfect game in my opinion, and I've never head too many people who didn't enjoy it.

    I hated it.

    That comment makes you look like a bit of a smart-arse in all honsty.

    I'd like to hear you expand upon the view as I'm genuinely interested now in why you wouldn't like such a highly acclaimed video game by one of the finest video games developers currently making software. Until I see a well argued critique from you sir I will preume it kicked your ass and you now resent it for that ;)

    Fair enough if you don't like the genre / 2D gameplay, but wouldn't that be a tad strange seeing as yuou are perusing the retro section of a video games forum, don't you think?
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