#7885112, By Psiloc New Eurogamer iPhone application - out Monday!

  • Psiloc 23 Aug 2011 10:31:25 4,517 posts
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    Hi Vroom,

    Love the new app. Found a few bugs though:

    You can't cut, copy and paste, which is a pain when you also can't review a thread while half way through a post.
    Pressing the 'Aa' button (to see the available tags) dismisses the keyboard and doesn't bring it back.
    If you post in one thread, go to another thread and attempt to post in there, your post goes to the original thread! (see here. I PROMISE this wasn't user error)
    Some items seem to be missing from the front page. Right now for example, the "Deus Ex: HR clothing line announced" item is not there.
    Anything labelled 'Article' doesn't appear, just like the old app.

    Also, personally, I think the blue bar (with the back arrow, send button etc.) could do with being a bit larger but that's just me.

    Still though, great app, it's a marked improvement over the last version.
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