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    @orpheus I got it to get back into Counterstrike after YEARS away and I'm an ARMA/COD/BF veteran so I'm not bad at FPS. My god, Global Offensive will soon beat any high opinion you had of yourself right out. It took several hours of just being repeatedly shot dead in split seconds while I learnt map layouts before I could survive more than 30-40 seconds per round. I'm pretty average now after a weekend's play, I find myself pretty close to spudsbuckley where I could have an amazing round this time and next round I'll get my teeth put in.

    Do avoid it if you don't like COD though dude, Global is marketed to try and pull you in with its terrorist/counter terrorist screenshots but the battles are frantic and over in minutes and the last men standing are guys who could hit you in the head from the other side of the map with a shotgun. Not for the faint of heart at all.

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