#7856346, By silversun Too many games coming out at same time is not great.

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    "I give 2 a month to cancer, 2 to the British legion and 3 to the rspb, I like birds, waddya gonna do..

    Shame on OP. "

    I have supported charities in the past as well.
    Want apoligise if any my posts offended anyone.
    However the origonal post was never meant to have any sense of complaint about it.
    It was more a viewpoint and yes this does get disscussed alot every year.
    Thread was completely throw away and meant for casual debate on the issue. unfortunately it has left me feeling emotionaly wound up as it does not represent who i am at all.
    maybe its the way i presented the topic, anyway i apoligise any offense i have caused and will not be responding any more to this topic.

    "I feel really bad see people in africa for example and we lucky for what we get but it does not mean life is always easy for us though."

    I need explain this comment as well , by hard on us i was talking about live in a recession based climate with people in this country on low employment some people even living in poverty in this country and that is something that makes me extremly sad. i was not talking about myself.
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