#7858568, By ChocNut Too many games coming out at same time is not great.

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    Completely agree with OP. Of course we all want a deluge of fantastic games but when it's a feast/famine situation something needs to change.

    Some issues not cured by gamers using will power to spread out their purchases:

    Marketing hype is lost
    Timed and preorder DLC: impact/availability is lost
    Fun multiplayer is lost (glitches and freaks learning the maps inside out)
    Retail kill the publishers by cycling preowned titles to death

    It's always the same come summer. No new big titles to play. And Christmas is always a slaughterhouse. Gamers don't even get to enjoyntheir games because of all the distractions.

    It's stupid. Smaller devs need to give up on Christmas.
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