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    ... the DSi XL is now more expensive in some places than the 3DS? Like Argos for example. Who would have thought? You're effectively getting a "free" 3DS format if you were in the market for a regular DS and bought the 3DS over the weekend. Who could have predicted that kind of price gap between the two platforms as the console we demoed to near universal praise at last year's E3?

    Now obviously you can shop around, and get a second-hand DSi XL, or even one of the other DS models for a lot less than a 3DS, even with its price cut. But the point is how close both platforms are in terms of their respective RRPs', even though the most recent machine is vastly superior to its predecessor and is also backwards compatible.

    If Nintendo were like most other console manufacturers, they's slash the price of the older platformer as they cut the price of the newer machine. Hopefully they will do this, but knowing Nintendo, who like to keep their game prices high as well all know (Super Mario 64 DS is still full price is many places still, years after its release!), this will be unlikely. Also, from recent sales figures the DS has been outselling the 3DS quite comfortably. So you can't really blame Nintendo, but its an odd situation to be in for any hardware vendor. Imagine if the original backwards compatible PS3 had of ended up cheaper than the slimline PS2??? A bizarre state of affairs.

    But maybe there is method to their madness... Maybe Nintendo is attempting a form of "creative destruction", as evangelised by economist Joseph Schumpeter, but ensuring they kill off their old system by keeping it at a high price, whilst ensuring that any sane person wanting some touch screen, handheld gaming goes with their newer, less piracy-prone console.

    Whatever the reason, all I know is I would love a DSi XL, but believe it will be a long time, if ever, before we see them at a reasonable price....
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