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    I like games mags, I actually prefer the hit-and-miss nature of having one big product to read and it being full of games I might not have heard of yet- it's all a bit easy online to accidentally wind up only ever clicking on Call of Duty stories because you recognise it and then miss all the interesting other stuff.

    Games websites need better organisation, really.

    Aargh. wrote:
    I would love for a website to do something like a magazine but online. Once a month collecting a wide variety of intelligent and well written articles by various contributors and publishing them at once. RPS's Sunday papers is the closest equivalent I can think of, drawing on multiple other sites to achieve it.

    The Escapist started out like that, with a different theme every week, and kept it going even after adding the news, shows and regular columns, although I stopped reading it a while ago and don't know if they still do it.

    There is GamerZines, which tries to replicate the magazine thing in PDF format, although I've never really managed to bring myself to read them properly.
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