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    I think it was chapter 8 that I just completed but wow, the minigun boat chase bit with the tentacles is excellent if you use the gyro aiming and how about that bit where the timer is going down and you have to get to the room to switch on the UAV with that cow chasing you and then the pizza chef chainsaw guy appears too!! Hectic.

    While the game is no 'Jesus: The Movie', it is very, very good. Having said that, I haven't finished it yet ;)
    Hopefully multiple playthroughs will be as fun and addicting as Resi 4.

    Usually do a bit of Raid on the Tube on the way to work, but decided to give campaign chapter 7 a bash. Actually jumped when you go in that keycard room and get the Magnum. Then when you turn around that ooze falls in from the ceiling grate. I hopelessly tried to cover it up by doing a fake sneeze after.

    What a douche.

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