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    Finished first playthrough. 11hrs, took my sweet time with it. 5hrs of Raid down too.

    Last boss was a little cheap but good. Whittled him down and then ripped him up with the RPG I had saved.

    F'ing loved the candle lit hallway and when the candles get blown out. Then you enter the dining room with the bodies on the table. Should have been more of that and less of the parts where you walk or swim from point a-b not actually doing anything.

    One thing that made me hop about was in the outro cinema when it shows the clip of Chris and Jill walking up to a mansion. Total goosebumps! I was hoping this would be an 'extra' fan service mission, but looks like it's setting up RE6?

    What are your thoughts?

    New game+ now, hopefully future replays are as addicting as RE4. Probably not though ay?

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