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    @Sharzam There are no "real" tactics, it just depends on your team composition. That's why I never play unless I'm playing with people I know, because we know the same methods as each other.
    I'm loving DOTA2. I played an awful lot of League, and honestly, the community was rubbish - but I've found DOTA2 to be much better. If you look past all of the Russians (there are a lot of them - this isn't me being racist, just saying that if you have people who do not communicate their actions on a game that relies, heavily, on communication to do well, then shit will go wrong) and get to grips with all the requirements + more, you'll do fine.

    In your example though, Bat vs Sniper? No wonder you had a hard time. I'd of played Bat roaming and let someone else mid. Snipers range and projectile speed means last hitting will be a pain. Not only that, to do enough damage to him you'd have to get closer, and with no hard disable you're pretty shut off. You're only option would be to hope - pray! - that an invsibility rune comes up and then just drag his sorry ass to your tower.

    re: comments on the community of MOBA games though - I wouldn't consider it any worse than any other community out there. It's just a lot more reliant on the team - makes you panic when people do bad, because you feel part responsible, and know that it's only going to get harder from then on as they get stronger.
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